This is an open source R Package containing materials to support students at UCR. It contains tutorials on various subjects that may or may not be covered by the curriculum. These tutorials are made using learnr. Everyone is welcome to contribute tutorials or access these tutorials.

How to install

To install the package, use the following code:

#Install R Package

Make sure to install the devtools package first.

A note for Windows users

You will need to install rtools to allow the devtools package to install packages from a remote repository: https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/Rtools/. Make sure to update R as well.

Current tutorials

Tutorials can be accessed by using the access_tutorial() function and inserting the tutorial name or “id” as an argument.

An example is shown below

# This code would be used to access the tutorial on Linear Mixed Effects Models

To see the list of all tutorials and their corresponding ids, you can use the list_tutorials() function.

# This code would print out a table of all the tutorials currently available in the package

Longitudinal Data

These tutorials focus on a few methods commonly used to deal with longitudinal data in R. The tutorials include:

  • Converting wide data to long (“wide_to_long”)

  • Introduction to Linear Mixed Effects Models in R (“lme_model”)

  • Residual Analysis of Linear Mixed Effect Models (“lme_residual”)


  • Isaac Quintanilla Salinas

  • Christian Dueñas